What is Clicks4Cancer?
As you surf the web, occasionally you might click on an advertiser's link and make a purchase
which means the advertiser will pay a commission to the referring page from which the sale
originated.  When you use Clicks4Cancer.com as your Home Page, these advertiser's fees will
be shared with us and we, in turn, will collect these commissions and donate 70% of all revenue
to various
charitable cancer foundations and organizations.  You don't need to alter your web
surfing in any way, other than using Clicks4Cancer as your Home Page and/or as your search
engine (our search utilizes Yahoo!'s technology so you know your searches will be fruitful.)
Now that's Web Surfing with a Purpose!
Copyright 2006  Clicks4Cancer.com
Examples of how your surfing can make a difference:

1)  Let's say you visit one of our travel partners to plan your next trip and book your flight+hotel (and
maybe a rental car, too) = $400 at 4% commission = $16 paid to Clicks4Cancer, 70% of which ($11.20)
goes to the donation pool.

2)  If you decide to sign up for one of the movie or video game rental programs, Clicks4Cancer will be paid
a flat commission ($9 for Netflix, $15 for GameFly), 70% of which ($6.30 or $10.50, respectively) goes to
the donation pool.

3)  Maybe you visit one of our technology affiliates pick up some hot new electronic gadgets = $250 at 3%
commission = $7.50 paid to Clicks4Cancer, 70% of which ($5.25) goes to the donation pool.

We've partnered with every site you'll find listed on Clicks4Cancer, so you know that all of your
surfing/shopping activities will benefit the search for a cure.

Every 3 months, all funds accumulated in the donation pool will be distributed to
one or more of the following charitable cancer organizations.
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